Fishing harbours in Sri Lanka

I am finally posting some scans of velvia that I had shot way back in 2003. This was a self project for documenting two fishing harbours close to Colombo,  Negambo and Beruwela.

The amount of exotics fished was mindboggling.

I am sure the catches are way less today than what I saw in 2003.

Stingray being chopped up

Negamboo fishing harbour. Cutting up a stingray

Leopard Shark being carted away

Negambo fishing harbour. Leopard shark

Hammerhead Shark being unloaded

Hammerhead sharlk fished

Whale meat. Cut up on board even though in the ban list

Whale meant cut onboard being offloaded at dock

Shark being hacked

200311_col08_nov03_30 200311_col09_nov03_5

Sharks till the eye can see


Tuna being chopped

Negombo fishing harbour. Cutting up fish


Many more in the gallery below


Nature In Focus awards 2016 – Runner up “Animals in Habitat”

Last week I got nominated for another award by Nature in Focus for this snow leopard scape pic. Nature in Focus is a stellar nature photography festival and has some of the top nature photographers in India as their jury panel. Super special for me since these are some true greats of the Indian nature photography scene. Also very special since I won this award along with a very talented ex-colleague of mine ,  Anuroop Krishnan

NIF award announcement

I had shot this during my Spiti trip in 2015. You can read the story in the link.

Nikon D3, Sigma 150-600mm ,  @ 450mm ISO 2000, 1/5000th @ F8 , +0.7EV


Wildlife- Highly Honoured – Smithsonian Asia Photography Awards -2016

My picture of a “tigress slips while crossing a stream with her cub in her mouth”  won in the category Wildlife- Highly honoured award at the 2016 Smithsonian Asia photography awards

Nikon D3, 300mm F2.8 VR G, ISO 1600, 1/160th @ F8



The story is something like this.

We were on the evening safari trying to glimpse Noor (T-39)  with her cubs at  zone 3 , Ranthambhore. The tigress came to the stream with her two cubs. She sat in the stream for a bit and crossed over to the far side, with the cubs, distancing herself from the jeeps and putting the stream between the jeeps and her cubs.


Mum and  cubs across the stream 20140601_170741

Meanwhile all the jeeps were lined up on our side of the stream. While she was not looking,  one of the cubs bolted across the stream back towards the jeeps and crossed across the jeep line to the other side. So the sequence Hill – jeeps – stream – cubs n tigress suddenly changes to Hill- cub 1 – jeeps – stream – tigress with cub 2 . The tigress was not too happy with the situation and called out to the cub across the jeeps. Cub wouldn’t listen 🙂 So she starts to cross back over to get the run away cub back.

Crossed the jeep line and meets with first runaway cub


Looking for the cub across the jeep line from where she had come



As she moves to wards the jeep line leaving the cub that was by her side, this cub now starts bawling on seeing his mum move away.  She gets a little worked up and goes back to her cub, and walks with the cub back towards the jeep line to reunite with the run away cub 1. She successfully crosses the stream and reunites. Just then one of the cubs again scoots off to cross the stream to the far side. The first cub is still on the side across the jeeps. The mommy tigress then goes behind the run away cub who is crossing the stream and grabs it by his neck and turns around to bring it back towards the jeep line, cross it and re unit with the other cub.

Cub running way and mommy chasing


Grabbing the run away cub and turning around back towards the jeep line and towards her other cub across the jeeps


While she was crossing the stream with the cub in her mouth , her foot slips on the rock and thats when I clicked the picture. Actually there are two pictures , one where she just slips and one can see in her eyes “oh shit” and this one where she just finds firm purchase and has more of an “abbe yaar…” look. And then I have a third one where she is positively hopping mad. The first pic has subject motion blur since I was shooting relatively lower speeds. Got lucky with the second shot since the tigress was momentarily motionless.

The first pic where she slips ” Oh shit” 20140601_171504

This is the second pic the “Abbe yaar…” 20140601_171504_01r

The third pic where she is “hopping mad” . 20140601_171507


The eyes eyes-of-the-tiger

She successfully bring the cub over to the jeep line , puts it down and then re unites with the cub on the hill. Then she marches both the cubs back to her den which was across the bend and not viewable from where we were.

And exciting evening at the a national park for sure 🙂