Incredible autofocus improvements

The latest crop of Nikons seems to have much improved auto focus . Again shot from a balcony 😉

Take a look at these shots here. Shot through foliage and one can still nail the eye of the bird … Phew !!!

Nikon D5, 200-500mm, AF mode AF-C and d-9 ( means 9 points AF on AF Continuous)

20160814_165441 20160814_165704

Any AF error now would be 90% operator error and nothing to do with the tool itself. I am sure there are a bunch of very happy sports and wildlife photographers out there 😉


Fishing harbours in Sri Lanka

I am finally posting some scans of velvia that I had shot way back in 2003. This was a self project for documenting two fishing harbours close to Colombo,  Negambo and Beruwela.

The amount of exotics fished was mindboggling.

I am sure the catches are way less today than what I saw in 2003.

Stingray being chopped up

Negamboo fishing harbour. Cutting up a stingray

Leopard Shark being carted away

Negambo fishing harbour. Leopard shark

Hammerhead Shark being unloaded

Hammerhead sharlk fished

Whale meat. Cut up on board even though in the ban list

Whale meant cut onboard being offloaded at dock

Shark being hacked

200311_col08_nov03_30 200311_col09_nov03_5

Sharks till the eye can see


Tuna being chopped

Negombo fishing harbour. Cutting up fish


Many more in the gallery below