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  1. Hi Krishanan,

    I happen to get a nest from a person who returned from the village,
    sadly it had contained two small chicks,
    now they are hail and healthy, I felt very sad while browsing I saw how
    the bird struggles
    what a picture , superb

  2. Dear KRISH

    See my earlier posting dt. 22 Jan which is exactly what I would repeat for your last trip. Pl take my advice seriously. Best wishes. By the way you should have taken the recipe of rocket chutney from monk.

  3. Dear Krishnan

    Why are you underestimating yourself. The photos are quite good. You have a flair for writing travalogues and I think you should think of writing something cogent from your blogs and publish. Your language and expressions are quite explicit and clear. You are typically outdoor man of dhaba variety and not metro five star variety like……

    You can really start a school for training students in outdoor, nature, wildlife, bird etc. not for money but for a sense of fulfillment. There are many schools in and around CBE, Ooty, Coonoor etc who encourage photography trip for their students.

    Appa & Amma

  4. Thank You Julie.

    I have find the image is used in a lot of places. Thanks for the heads up and I am happy you now know the real background on the photograph ! Way too much in India to photograph that you could spend a few lifetimes here 🙂

  5. Dear Krishnan,

    Your work is amazing. Very impressive photography! You should pack your camera and visit America, most especially the state of Montana, where you’ll find an astounding amount of animals in their natural environment, to photograph.

    I wrote you because, while doing research on a photo posted on, I was surprised to find its source:

    Your photo, with no credit given to you as the photographer, was posted to Facebook today (08 July, 2013 –, and described as depicting parents saving their chick from falling out of its nest. After I searched your photo using the image search, I discovered it was anything but parents saving their chick! It was very interesting to learn the truth behind the photo, and the surprising manner in which you had caught it. Your photography is really, really good. Keep up the great work!

  6. Hi Krishnan,
    This is Sujatha, your ex-colleague . Was speaking to Advait this morning and he told me about your site. Am glad I saw the photos. They are awesome. I just started learning photography and I have a long way to go. Your photos and extensive knowledge is very impressive.
    Congrats and keep up the good work.

  7. Respected Sir,
    I got to visit your site after a guide from Bandhavgarh, Mr. Mukesh Burman, told me about you.
    About your photographs: Those are like instances frozen on the cheek of Time. Awesome will be an understatement.

    Thanks for the treat you gave to my eyes.

  8. Hi Sudheendra, I would recommend a short one on one workshop for you to get started quickly. Ive sent you an email on this.

  9. Mr. Krishnan, I got a Nikon D40x with me as a gift from my aunt. I know little how to use the SLR cameras. I want your suggestion, is there any books very I can learn myself to become an average or good photographer? As I can’t go for any of the college or for the tutorials to learn the photography as I am an employee. Waiting for your reply at the earliest.

    Thanks & Regards

  10. Dear Mr.Krishnan
    amazing site,wish to learn a lot from u.
    hope to see u in near future…

  11. hi krishnan,
    beautifull shots man,very inspiring.please start a separate page on post processing tips.

  12. Hi Krishnan,

    Some lovely pictures I must say. I liked the wader silhoutted against the setting sun. Of course some of the older ones like the Whitebellied Sea Eagle are fabulous too.

    Best wishes

  13. Wonderful pictures krishnan. Your pictures show that there are many a spots within Mumbai and around for birds. One has to only look around.

    More power to your lens.

    – Suresh

  14. Dear Krishnan

    Crisp and extraordinarily beautiful pics. But please try and change your theme from birds only to some diverse themes.

    Appa & amma & Radhika

  15. Fantastic shots Rhitik Roshan! ( As I called you near
    the machan at Dandeli while shooting munias; if you
    remember!) So you got the Trogon next day, did you, you
    lucky bum! I loved your arty shots and landscapes,too.
    Meet you soon,
    – Shireesh
    ( One of the docs you met at Dandeli)

  16. Hi Krish,
    am mighty impressed !
    Anju and I enjoyed wowwwing, looking at your amazing pictures..!

    Great work..keep it up !!
    Hope to run into you or go together for a bird shoot again..

    The Dandeli fishing eagle is fantastic..and I love the fact it is up on the website already !!


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