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My customised individual photography instruction will help you fulfill your specific photography needs.  It is flexible and can involve both classroom and field instruction. For beginner students, it is highly recommended to begin with a classroom session in order to lay a basic foundation with the background and terminology, to help with,  better communication & experience during  subsequent field instruction sessions.

I am also available for individual instruction assignments.

The basic workshop classroom session will cover :
1.    Understanding Light
2.    Camera Holding & Stabilisation techniques
3.    Understanding your camera
4.    Focusing methods
5.    Composition & Depth of field
6.    Metering Methods
7.    Exposure
8.    Leveraging Digital tools like Histogram & White Balance
9.    Quick & simple Post Processing for web & print
10.  Making a photograph
11.  Equipment & Camera Care

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Shoot Your Vision

Shoot Your Vision – Photography Workshops & Tours

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