Sewri in the morning

Took a recce trip to sewri today in the early morning. The tide was moving out and it had almost receded half way to low tide when we reached. Sunrise today was  at 0643 so not much light in the early morning. Its better to time an evening shoot since the sun would be on our back for most parts.  In the morning but be warned you are facing almost due east and will be shooting into the sun. However not too bad.

But all in all a pleasant morning with the usual suspects.

All pics Nikon D5 , 600mm F4 VR FL

Typical sewri scape


The western reef egret under a boat



20170319_072459 20170319_072754

A brown headed gull.  Coming into breeding plumage early ?


Bhandup on Holi

After some two plus years, pulled out my tripod and my new upgraded faithful, the  600mm F4 VR FL.  Good to be back in action !

Not may birds but some usual suspects. The lake is drained dry and the grass is completely burnt. So not may birds at all. Possibly the creek is blocked off since the salt is being harvested in the adjacent salt pans.

All images Nikon D5, 600mm F4 VR FL + TC14


Egret in breeding colours

Marsh Harrier


And my favourite from today – “The DNA of a crow”


Aero India 2017

Got lucky with shooting some planes 🙂

But its boring to process so many shots !!!  I made a few batch runs in Nikon Capture NX-D followed by another batch run in Photoshop CC.  I am not aiming for super critical processing here in any case.

The Sukhoi MK30 routine was the best I thought. What a beast of an aircraft !

All Nikon D5, 200-500mm lens. A few wide shots with the Sony RX-100

Basic tips for Yehlankha air show

  1. For rotor full disk  go around 1/50th
  2. Shoot +1EV  off the sky for the flight shots
  3. Dial in manual white balance
  4. Plan for two full days for both morning & evening air displays
  5. “The Chalet” is a good place to shoot from
  6. Tickets are at Gate 5. There is a shuttle from Gate 5 to the main exhibition area
  7. You need separate tickets for each day
  8. Watch weather and try to shoot on cloudy day. The puffy clouds really enhance the sky.
  9. Bring a cap
  10. Drink lots of water
  11. Wear sneakers

Sony RX-100 shot and I love this.

20170214_160521a 20170216_100014 20170216_111930_01 sarang-iaf 20170216_115153

The Yakolev aerobatics

AeroIndia2017-Yaks Aerobatics from krish photo on Vimeo.