Balcony birding

The regular shots

Note on BIF Auto Focus for the D5

One of the AF modes on the D5 that I found useful for BIF ( for these parakeets in flight)  is the “Group Area” AF mode setting.  Here the camera tries to focus on the nearest point withequal priority to all five AF points in the group. And when you pan, the AF is maintained.  Since most of my parakeet shots were of the birds flying below me, the nearest point AF was the one to use and is working well. In case you want to be super accurate and in very challenging situation say low contrast, Id choose 9 point dynamic AF and keep the AF on the subject all throughout.

The not so regular shots
This looks like a “Pterosaur” landing 🙂


Nikon D5 Autofocus settings ( also on D500)

I discovered an interesting setting that might be useful in a lot of situations.

I usually work using  AF-C, d-9 or d-21 most times with back button AF-ON only.

But some times you need to quickly (without removing the eye from the viewfinder) switch to “Single Area (AF-S) ” to get a difficult focus that the AF might be missing. This is now possible easily on the D5. I have set the Fn-1 button to enable “Single area AF” . So while using the usual AF-C, if I need AF-S,  all I now do is, release AF-ON and  press down on Fn-1 button and, AF-S engages. All without removing my eye from the viewfinder.  Sweet!

Menu> Custom Settings > Controls>f1 Custom Control assignment> Highlight Fn1 and click on it with center selector button> Now scroll to Af-area mode+AF-ON select and click right> choose Single-point AF and click right> You will see the Click Menu


Incredible autofocus improvements

The latest crop of Nikons seems to have much improved auto focus . Again shot from a balcony 😉

Take a look at these shots here. Shot through foliage and one can still nail the eye of the bird … Phew !!!

Nikon D5, 200-500mm, AF mode AF-C and d-9 ( means 9 points AF on AF Continuous)

20160814_165441 20160814_165704

Any AF error now would be 90% operator error and nothing to do with the tool itself. I am sure there are a bunch of very happy sports and wildlife photographers out there 😉