Pelican- Stormcase – Awesome customer service

A word of super customer service for Pelican stormcase.

The wheel rubber on my iM2500 came off during my recent trip to Bharatpur. The rubber broke off as I rolled the case at the airport. On a hunch, I also checked my  second Stormcase, the iM2720, which is kept at home (static ) .  Here too  the wheels had degraded and, the rubber was flaking off.

iM2500 with damaged wheel. Left wheel rubber sleeve came off completely
Stormcase im2500

iM2720 with damaged wheels. The wheel rubber sleeve is beginning to flake off.
Stormcase im2720

The two  hard cases were purchased  in 2008. At that time,  Stormcase was a brand of Hardigg cases.  Sometime later, Pelican  bought over Hardigg.  The stormcase brand continues under Pelican.

I wrote to Pelican attaching  the pictures of the damaged wheels.  I was sent an immediate courier of the replacement wheel sets.

The new replacement Stormcase wheels arrive 🙂
Stormcase Wheels
iM2500 replacement wheels part no SKU: 22-iM-WHEEL-01
iM2720 replacement wheels part no SKU: 22-iM-WHEEL-02


Absolutely wonderful customer support. Kudos Pelican Storm !

Pelican Stormcase is very highly recommended ( coming from a very satisfied customer 🙂 )


Update: Wheel replacement Howto

Its easy to replace the wheels. Just follow these steps.


1. Remove the screws holding the pull handle frame and completely remove the frame.

2. Knock the pin holding the wheel from inside to out.

3. Remove the wheel, replace and knock the pin back in , this time from Outside to the inside.

4. Screw back the frame.


1. With a screwdriver, remove the locking pin which is on the wheel pin. ( Inside part of the wheel)

2. Knock the pin from inside to outside to remove the pin & wheel

3. Replace wheel and knock the pin back in, from outside to inside

4. Press on the locking clasp on the inside portion of the wheel.




Bagsutra Part 4 – Kiboko + Stormcase

My current setup is a 2 bag setup. This setup goes easy on the back.

Stormcase iM2500 , is a roller and packs the following :-

600mm F4 VR without hood

300mm 3.8 VR with Hood

Nikon Monarch binoculars

Rest go into the Kiboko Backpack

2 bodies


17-35mm2.8  lens

35-80mm lens

70-200 2.8 VR lens


SB-800 Flash

cords & some accessories

600mm Lens hood

I can fit the 600mm F$ VR + hood into one side of the kiboko but, I prefer to split the weight between two bags.

Both go carryon and domestic has never been a problem.

Tripod, Gimbal spare batteries, GPS logger etc etc all go check in packed between clothes.

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Bagsutra Part – 3 – Bagging the 600mm VR + TC + Body + a few odd ends.

Continuing from Bagsutra Part – 2

I got fed up of looking at bags for my 600mm VR with hood + body + TC + a few odd ends like a flash etc so I decided to design one of my own and get it made locally. Its a backpack design and, the few odd ends can be slipped into the pockets. The bag can pack flat when the padding is removed.

I got a 25 inch length bag to fit the 600mm VR with hood fitted in shooting position + TC+ Body . The padding is flat, removable and, can be rolled to wrap around the lens and fitted into the bag. You can thus use this bag with or without padding. The bag material is water repellent . It is light padding and, usual care is expected while using this bag.

Works well for me 🙂

Some quick pics with a point and shoot, below:-

dscn1131 dscn1130

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