Bhandup – Flamingo watch boat ride

We did a morning boat ride at Bhandup to see some waders. The boat point is right at the end of the Bhandup pump station road.

A good time to go there is some two hours before high tide. Tide table for Mumbai


Flamingos across the skyline

20180128_083613 img_20180128_091046930

Awfully mucky and not the greatest but we did see some waders and some flamingos today.

The muck



The boatman was not the most experienced, He did not cut the motor when nearing the birds.

The boat track


Walking back to the road after the boat ride,  wrapped up with an osprey up close




Bhandup on Holi

After some two plus years, pulled out my tripod and my new upgraded faithful, the  600mm F4 VR FL.  Good to be back in action !

Not may birds but some usual suspects. The lake is drained dry and the grass is completely burnt. So not may birds at all. Possibly the creek is blocked off since the salt is being harvested in the adjacent salt pans.

All images Nikon D5, 600mm F4 VR FL + TC14


Egret in breeding colours

Marsh Harrier


And my favourite from today – “The DNA of a crow”