Uran – 17 Nov 2013

We checked out Uran toady after a long time. Last visit was in October 2009 when I got the baya weaver fighting shot.

We saw a lot of birds on the pools , immediately after the big Jasai toll, on both sides of the road. Short of turning into Funde village, where there was some backwater earlier ( now all filled in & over grown) saw a lovely Black Shouldered Kite on a wire. Lovely start indeed! Then, went through Funde village all the way to JNPT police station. All very dry with large overgrown grass. Not much water at all. Turned back towards the toll and sure enough found some of the usual suspects near the garbage dump. A little ahead on the way back but before you hit the toll on the return, by the pools on the side of the road,  saw bunch of waders , spoonbills, glossy ibis & painted stork.



The garbage dump turned up a lovely long tailed shrike.

NikonD3, 600mmF4, TC14, ISO500, 1/1250 @ F7.1



Asian Pied Starling

NikonD3, 600mmF4, TC14, ISO500, 1/400 @ F7.1







Bhandup Birding

Rakesh & I today made an impromptu birding trip to Bhandup today

The sun was playing hide and seek. Luckily no rain. Definitely not as great a birding place as Uran was but,  we were able to see some birds.

I was paranoid about getting sharp shots on the D800 and kept the ISO much higher than I usually do .  That ensured  the shutter speed was  more than double the focal length. ( Focal length was 600mm x 1.7 = 1020 mm ) .

Plain Prinia

Nikon D800E, 600mm VR + TC17,  ISO 3200, 1/1250th @ F8


Baya weaver Female

Nikon D800E, 600mm VR + TC17,  ISO 3200, 1/5000th @ F8



The regular Shot


And a not so regular shot

Nikon D800E, 600mm VR + TC17,  ISO 1600, 1/3200th @ F8



Some more shots