Using the Better Beamer Flash Extender


I have been wanting to link some of the resources I thought were useful to understand how to work the “Better Beamer”  Fresnel Flash extender.


How I use flash is, manual. Thanks to the,  Shoot the Light Tech series workshop  I took with Chas in Florida in May  🙂  Chas is probably one of the best (if not the No1) in the nature wildlife photography business in the world.

“Half the distance is double the light”

Use the beamer for subjects at a distance greater than 20feet and with lenses from 300mm onwards.

Steps that I use.

1. Fix better beamer  and, set flash zoom at 50mm

2. Set Flash to Manual

3. Focus on subject. Check distance on lens scale.

4.Check distance scale on the Flash now. Set it to 1/4 the distance indicated on the lens scale. This will now tap the flash in at -2 stops.








Shoot Your Vision Workshops – Passionate about Photography Instruction  by Krishnan V  & Rakesh Dhareshwar