Khardung La from the air

All shot in 1997 January from a IL-76 aircraft.

Aerial shot of the winter snow over the Leh mountains while approaching Khardung-La pass
Shot this in 1997 from an IL-76 aircraft while sitting in the navigators cabin which is located in the nose of the aircraft, right below the cockpit. Transparency film scanned.

A bit of trivia, the IL-76 navigator feeds in the nav data into the nuclear proof huge valve computer in binary !!!

Approaching Khardungla

199701_01_parta_jan-97_1_20 199701_khardungla_top2

Atop Khardung La



I scanned these in using my old Nikon LS-4000ED firewire based film scanner. The USB scanner was announced later. Hence need the PCI firewire card as the new PCs dont have Firewire ports anymore.

I plugged  in the Ratoc PCI firewire card (I think an NEC one came with the scanner) into my win 7 PC. fired it up. The card got recognised easily. I am assuming that NOT all PCI 1394A firewire card would work.  The Ratoc PCIFW2 or the PCIFW3 cards  should work just fine. Ratoc is the one recommended by Nikon.

Ratoc-PCIFW3-card    Ratoc-PCIFW2-card


Luckily I had already updated my scanner firmware to 1.10 when I had years ago when I had a Win XP system.  I then followed this link to get the scanner recognised by Win 7. .Worked like a charm. Check my notes here ( http://www.krishphoto.com/equipment/installing-the-nikon-coolscan-ls-4000-scanner-on-winxp-sp2.html )

In case the firmware on the scanner is not firmware 1.10 , you will need to find a Win XP box , upgrade the scanner firmware and then move to win7. To check firmware version, you will need a Win XP box  ….


Update : 17 December 2016

I have been researching  firewire cards  since my Ratoc card is now bust. Mostly any TI chipset TSB43AA22 IEEE 1394A card ( note 6 pin, 400M/Bits) should work since, the firewire controller inside the LS-4000 scanner is the TSB41AB3

Like SIIG NN-E20012-S2  or  Syba seem to have TI chipset cards. Need to try them out.

The second chipset that could work is the NEC G72872GC

The trouble with Firewire is that it was first introduced by Apple and the specs were not strictly followed by all manufacturers. So its important which chipset you finally get this scanner to work with.  Then there is the win 10 driver thingy to overcome too.

This should work for the Nikon LS-8000 scanner too.


Ladakh revisited

Picked out slides from my collection and scanned them in today. These slides are from the years 1996 thru 1998 .

Teasers below. You can view them all here> Ladakh.

199610_0436 199611_0529

This is the “basha” or hut I used to stay in 🙂

I also scanned in one really old Delhi Zoo slide ( 1985 ) of a Puma. Love this one


And the Black Panthers @ Delhi zoo in the year 1985 !

198500_0113 198500_0104