Bhandup Birding

Rakesh & I today made an impromptu birding trip to Bhandup today

The sun was playing hide and seek. Luckily no rain. Definitely not as great a birding place as Uran was but,  we were able to see some birds.

I was paranoid about getting sharp shots on the D800 and kept the ISO much higher than I usually do .  That ensured  the shutter speed was  more than double the focal length. ( Focal length was 600mm x 1.7 = 1020 mm ) .

Plain Prinia

Nikon D800E, 600mm VR + TC17,  ISO 3200, 1/1250th @ F8


Baya weaver Female

Nikon D800E, 600mm VR + TC17,  ISO 3200, 1/5000th @ F8



The regular Shot


And a not so regular shot

Nikon D800E, 600mm VR + TC17,  ISO 1600, 1/3200th @ F8



Some more shots



Sewri Flamingos

I did a quick trip to Sewri today.  The flamingos are much lesser in number  than I recall seeing in earlier years. ( My last  sewri visit was April 2008 ! ) Yesterday was the Mumbai Bird race.   Sewri was packed with the  race participants. Quite a nice ambiance actually. And I had some wonderful friends along  for company as well.  Made for a nice outing surely.

On the photography front, I am trying seriously to change my approach to my photography. This evening it was 3 hours of general seeing without any camera in hand. Then I waited for the light and pulled out some shots in the last 10 minutes. All shot on manual exposure. I think this slow approach works more for quality.  At least I think it did for this shoot. I am not sure how long I will be in this mode but, I am trying !


The regular type of shot



The not so regular shot…