RRS LCF-18 doesn’t play well with the Nikon 600mm FL

While researching the Nikon 600mm FL arca swiss compatible lens foot I came across Simon’s blog

The new Nikon 600mm FL is a new lighter design and I got the new RRS LCF-18

I found that the lens foot was slightly higher than the stock Nikon lens foot. Also, to me the length was a bit short while hanging a Dx size big body (600mm FL + Lens hood+ pro body, after balancing adjustments). It would be even shorter if I should use a smaller Dxxx series body.  Also, the “heft” or feel in the hand, while holding the lens by the RRS LCF-18 lens foot,  felt much “less confident” than the solid feel of the older RRS LCF-13. The allen key access to tighten the screws to the are a pain.

After adjusting for balancing, the 600mm FL with hood + Nikon Dx pro body looks about 1 cm short.


Even with the lens hood reversed, the lens foot is much taller


Seems perfect when balanced  without the lens hood ( only 600mm FL + pro body). Notice the LCF-18 lens foot extends about 1 cm beyond the end of the wimberly gimbal  plate, after it is adjusted for balance..


The RRS LCF-18

Construction 6061-T6 aluminum
Type II black anodizing
Mounting Threads 2 x 1/4″-20 sockets
2 x 3/8″-16 sockets
Dimensions Length: 6.0″ / 154 mm
Height: 1.75″ / 48 mm
Width: 1.7″ / 44 mm at top, 1.5″ / 38mm at base
Weight 5.3 oz / 151 g

Here is a pic with the RRS MPR-1 attached to the stock lens foot. This worked well too but, with the TC attached.


Basically I think RRS dropped the ball this one. Quite a surprise that for me, and I am an RRS fan due to their attention to detail and engineering.

I had been very happy with the RRS LCF-13 on my old 600mm. It reduced the overall height and it felt solid in the hand.

The RRS LCF-13 & specs

Construction 6061-T6 aluminum
Type II black anodizing
Mounting Threads 1 x 1/4″-20 socket
1 x 3/8″-16 socket
Dimensions Height: 0.7″ / 18 mm
Length: 5.6″ / 143 mm
Width: 1.7″ / 44 mm
Weight 6.2 oz / 176 g

Note: One solution could be to use a lighter lens hood. Will try this with my Aquatech soft lens hood . Another option is, I can try to increase weight on the camera end by adding the L plate. I will try these combos and report back.
03 Feb 2018: No change. Tried with a cameara lens plate added as also, a soft lens hood. Still the RRS LCF-18 is sitting short on the wimberly WH-200 clamp.

RRS LCF-18 lens foot does not play well from krish photo on Vimeo.

Alternatives & solutions :

  1. Jobu Lens foot LF-N604FL (177mm length )
  2. RRS MPR 192 ( 192mm length) added to stock Nikon Lens foot
  3. Wimberly P50 lens plate ( 167mm length) added to stock Nikon Lens foot