Uran- 11 Jan 2015

Went in with zero hope. The place is 2% of what it used to be in terms of birds. All the same,  Uran surprised me with some of my favourites, The LTS ( Long Tailed Shrike) , a few BSK ( Black shouldered kite ), a Coucal Pheasant ( got the flight shot below) and,  flamingos on the coast.

Not bad at all !

Sunrise over the temple


Black Kite and the moon


Coucal Pheasant flight




Black Shouldered Kite


Tree in B&W


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Uran – 17 Nov 2013

We checked out Uran toady after a long time. Last visit was in October 2009 when I got the baya weaver fighting shot.

We saw a lot of birds on the pools , immediately after the big Jasai toll, on both sides of the road. Short of turning into Funde village, where there was some backwater earlier ( now all filled in & over grown) saw a lovely Black Shouldered Kite on a wire. Lovely start indeed! Then, went through Funde village all the way to JNPT police station. All very dry with large overgrown grass. Not much water at all. Turned back towards the toll and sure enough found some of the usual suspects near the garbage dump. A little ahead on the way back but before you hit the toll on the return, by the pools on the side of the road,  saw bunch of waders , spoonbills, glossy ibis & painted stork.



The garbage dump turned up a lovely long tailed shrike.

NikonD3, 600mmF4, TC14, ISO500, 1/1250 @ F7.1



Asian Pied Starling

NikonD3, 600mmF4, TC14, ISO500, 1/400 @ F7.1







Requiem for an Important Birding Area (IBA): Uran

Requiem : – The Requiem or Requiem Mass, also known as the Missa pro defunctis (Latin, “Mass for the deceased”) or Missa defunctorum (“Mass of the deceased”), is a liturgical service of the Roman Catholic Church celebrated by the priest presider for the repose of the soul of a particular deceased person or persons. It is frequently, but by no means always, celebrated in the context of a funeral.

I  was first exposed to Uran in 2005  by Adesh Shivkar . Since then, this is one area,  I fondly called “Uran: The Mumbai Bird Park”.  Rakesh and I checked out Uran this morning.  Today, Uran  a stellar birding wetland is now dead. All ponds and wetlands have been filled in and, sure enough there will be buildings and “development” in that area soon. The only pond where there were a few shovellers, some  Pied Avocets and a lone flamingo were,  at the end of the Prinia lane opposite the police station. The light was straight into us and I got this moody shot of the lone flamingo.


Hardly any Avadavats and the numerous Prinias were also missing. We did see the Marsh Harrier and a lone purple heron on a tree.

Dejected we then tried our luck at the garbage lane besides the container yard. A Blue throat gave us good views as did a Common Kestral. The Pond between the highway and the container yard was filling in with Spoonbills. How I miss my favourite “Temple Pond” and the Jacana pond   are  now totally and truly filled in ,  leveled and are history.

The Blue Throat




Common Kestrel


On the way back, we stopped at our usual hotel at Belapur to grab some late breakfast. Then I noticed a Bar right next to it called “Nightingale”.  So much for birds…. yes, it feels lousy….

As Bob Dylan sings……The answer my friend, is blowin in the wind….

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