Which tripod for the 600mm FL

I use a old Gitzo 1548 for my 600mm FL.  But new and lighter options are now available.

My 1548 folded is just under 23.25  inches(59 cm)  and weighs 3 Kgs. Load capacity 66 pounds ( 30 Kgs)

My worst case, weight of equipment to be mounted on the tripod,  would be under 10- 15 Kgs

So any Benro/ Sirui/ Feisol with max load around 20 – 25 Kg and folded length under 24 inches will do fine. And the newer tripods weigh at around 2 Kgs, which is a whole 1 kg less !

Folded length is important so that I can fit the tripod into a suitcase for travel. Hence I prefer folded length under 24 inches.